What Goes with Jerk Chicken Wings? – 15 Best Sides

What goes with jerk chicken wings, you ask?

As a lover of bold and spicy flavors, I am always on the lookout for the perfect accompaniments to my jerk chicken wings.

In this mouthwatering article, I will reveal the 15 best sides that will take your taste buds on a Caribbean adventure.

From classic coleslaw to grilled pineapple salsa, these vibrant and flavorful dishes are guaranteed to complement the heat and intensity of the jerk seasoning.

Get ready to elevate your wing game with these irresistible pairings.

What Goes with Jerk Chicken Wings

Classic Coleslaw

Classic coleslaw is a delicious and refreshing side dish that pairs perfectly with jerk chicken wings. It’s a staple at every backyard barbecue and potluck, and for good reason.

The crispness of the cabbage, the tanginess of the dressing, and the hint of sweetness make it the ideal complement to the spicy and flavorful jerk chicken wings.

I love the combination of textures in coleslaw – the crunchiness of the cabbage, the creaminess of the dressing, and the occasional burst of flavor from the carrots and onions. It adds a refreshing element to the meal and helps balance out the heat from the wings.

Whether it’s a summer cookout or a casual dinner, classic coleslaw is a must-have side dish when serving jerk chicken wings.

Caribbean Rice and Peas

You can’t go wrong with a plate of Caribbean rice and peas to complement your flavorful jerk chicken wings.

The combination of the aromatic rice and the tender peas creates a delightful and satisfying side dish.

I love how the rice is cooked in coconut milk, giving it a creamy and rich flavor that perfectly balances the spiciness of the jerk seasoning.

The addition of kidney beans adds a nice texture and earthiness to the dish.

Each bite is a burst of Caribbean flavors that transport me to the sunny beaches of Jamaica.

Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or just craving some island vibes, Caribbean rice and peas is the perfect accompaniment to your jerk chicken wings.

Fried Plantains

The sweet and crispy goodness of fried plantains can elevate any Caribbean dish to a whole new level. When I take a bite into a perfectly cooked plantain, I am instantly transported to the tropical flavors of the Caribbean.

The golden exterior gives way to a soft and sweet interior that melts in my mouth. The contrast of the caramelized sweetness with a hint of saltiness is simply divine.

Whether served as a side dish or enjoyed on its own, fried plantains add a burst of flavor and texture to any meal. They pair perfectly with jerk chicken wings, adding a touch of sweetness that balances out the heat and spices.

With every bite, I am reminded of the vibrant and rich culinary traditions of the Caribbean.

Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Grilled pineapple salsa adds a tangy and smoky flavor to any dish, making it a versatile condiment for summer grilling.

I love how the sweetness of the grilled pineapple combines with the tanginess of the lime juice and the spiciness of the jalapeno peppers. It’s a burst of flavor that elevates any grilled meat or even a simple bowl of tortilla chips.

The charred bits of the pineapple give the salsa a smoky undertone that is simply irresistible. I enjoy the fresh and vibrant colors of the diced pineapple, red onion, and cilantro.

This salsa is not only delicious, but it also adds a refreshing and tropical element to my meals. Whether I’m grilling chicken, fish, or even vegetables, the grilled pineapple salsa is the perfect accompaniment.

Jamaican Callaloo

When making Jamaican callaloo, don’t forget to sauté the onions and garlic for a rich and aromatic base. This traditional dish is a staple in Jamaican cuisine, and it’s a favorite of mine.

Callaloo is a delicious and nutritious side that pairs perfectly with jerk chicken wings. To make it, start by heating some oil in a large pot and sautéing the onions and garlic until they are soft and fragrant. Then, add the callaloo leaves and cook them until they wilt. You can also add some coconut milk for extra creaminess. Season with salt, pepper, and thyme to enhance the flavors.

Serve it hot alongside your spicy jerk chicken wings, and you’ll have a mouthwatering Jamaican feast.

Sweet Potato Fries

To make crispy sweet potato fries, start by preheating the oven to 425°F.

I love making these fries because they are a healthier alternative to regular fries and they have a delicious natural sweetness.

First, I peel and cut the sweet potatoes into thin, even strips.

Then, I toss them in a bowl with olive oil, salt, and any other seasonings I’m in the mood for, like paprika or garlic powder.

Once they’re coated, I spread them out in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

I pop them in the preheated oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes, flipping them halfway through.

The result is perfectly crispy, golden sweet potato fries that are absolutely irresistible.

Mango Avocado Salad

I’ll definitely try making this mango avocado salad because it sounds like a refreshing and healthy dish. The combination of sweet mangoes and creamy avocados is simply irresistible. I can already imagine the burst of flavors in every bite.

To make this salad, I’ll dice ripe mangoes and avocados, then mix them together in a bowl. I’ll add some red onions for a hint of tanginess and fresh cilantro for a burst of freshness. A squeeze of lime juice will enhance the flavors and bring everything together.

This salad will be perfect to serve alongside jerk chicken wings, as the sweetness and creaminess of the mango avocado salad will complement the spiciness of the wings. I can’t wait to enjoy this delicious and nutritious salad!

Creamy Mac and Cheese

The creamy mac and cheese is a classic comfort food dish that is loved by many. It’s one of those dishes that instantly brings a smile to my face and satisfies my cravings for something rich and indulgent.

The combination of tender pasta coated in a velvety cheese sauce is simply irresistible. I love how the cheese melts and gets all gooey, creating a luscious texture that is pure bliss.

Whether enjoyed as a main course or as a side dish, mac and cheese always hits the spot. It’s perfect for cozy nights in or as a comforting addition to any meal.

I can’t resist taking a bite and savoring the creamy goodness that mac and cheese brings.

Spicy Cornbread

Adding jalapeños to the cornbread batter gives it a spicy kick that will leave your taste buds tingling. I love making this spicy cornbread to accompany my meals, especially when I’m craving something with a little heat.

The jalapeños add a burst of flavor that perfectly complements the sweetness of the cornbread. It’s easy to make too – simply mix the jalapeños into the batter before baking it in the oven. The result is a deliciously moist and flavorful cornbread that pairs well with a variety of dishes.

Whether I’m serving it alongside chili, barbecue, or even just enjoying it on its own, this spicy cornbread never fails to satisfy my cravings for something spicy and comforting.

Tropical Fruit Salad

To make a refreshing tropical fruit salad, simply toss together a variety of your favorite fruits such as pineapple, mango, and kiwi.

I love making this salad on a hot summer day when I’m craving something light and sweet. The combination of the juicy pineapple, the tangy mango, and the vibrant kiwi creates a burst of tropical flavors in every bite.

I like to add a squeeze of lime juice to enhance the freshness of the fruit. Sometimes, I even sprinkle a little bit of shredded coconut on top for an extra touch of tropical goodness.

This fruit salad is not only delicious, but it’s also packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s the perfect side dish to accompany any meal or enjoy on its own as a refreshing snack.

Jerk Roasted Vegetables

After enjoying a refreshing Tropical Fruit Salad with my jerk chicken wings, I decided to explore another delicious side dish: Jerk Roasted Vegetables. I absolutely love the combination of the bold flavors from the jerk seasoning with the caramelized sweetness of roasted vegetables.

To make these mouthwatering vegetables, I tossed a medley of colorful bell peppers, zucchini, and red onions with a homemade jerk seasoning blend. Then, I spread them out on a baking sheet and popped them into a preheated oven. As the vegetables roasted, the enticing aroma filled my kitchen.

Once the vegetables were tender and slightly charred, I couldn’t resist taking a bite. The explosion of flavors was incredible! The smoky heat from the jerk seasoning perfectly complemented the natural sweetness of the vegetables.

This side dish added a satisfying and nutritious element to my jerk chicken wings, making it a complete and well-rounded meal.

Jamaican Festival Bread

Why not try some delicious Jamaican festival bread?

This delightful bread is a staple in Jamaican cuisine and is the perfect side dish to complement the bold flavors of jerk seasoning.

Festival bread is made with a combination of cornmeal and flour, giving it a unique texture that is both crispy and doughy. It is typically deep-fried until golden brown, resulting in a crunchy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior.

The bread has a slightly sweet and savory taste, which pairs perfectly with the smoky and spicy flavors of jerk roasted vegetables.

Whether you’re hosting a Jamaican-themed dinner or simply looking to elevate your vegetable dish, Jamaican festival bread is a must-try.

Cucumber Tomato Salad

I’ll show you a simple and refreshing way to enjoy fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with a zesty dressing.

This cucumber tomato salad is the perfect side dish for any summer meal. It’s light, crisp, and bursting with flavor.

To make this salad, start by slicing some cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Then, in a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper to create a zesty dressing.

Pour the dressing over the cucumber and tomato slices and toss to combine. Let the flavors meld together in the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving.

This salad is not only delicious, but it’s also a great way to use up those fresh garden veggies.


Black Bean and Corn Salad

To make a delicious black bean and corn salad, start by combining black beans, corn, red bell pepper, red onion, and cilantro in a large bowl.

I love this salad because it’s so easy to make and packed with flavor. The combination of the sweet corn, crunchy bell pepper, and tangy red onion creates a delicious mix of textures. The black beans add a creamy and hearty element to the salad.

I like to dress it with a simple vinaigrette made with lime juice, olive oil, cumin, and salt. The vinaigrette brings all the flavors together and adds a refreshing citrusy kick.

This black bean and corn salad is the perfect side dish for any meal, and it’s even better when served chilled on a hot summer day.

Garlic Butter Naan Bread

Mix together the melted butter, minced garlic, and chopped parsley to create a flavorful garlic butter spread for your naan bread.

Spread this delicious mixture generously over warm naan bread and watch as it melts into a heavenly combination of flavors.

The rich and creamy butter pairs perfectly with the aromatic garlic and the freshness of the parsley.

The naan bread acts as the perfect canvas, soaking up all the deliciousness of the garlic butter spread.

Each bite is a burst of savory goodness that complements any meal.

Whether you’re serving it with a hearty bowl of curry or enjoying it on its own as a snack, this garlic butter naan bread is sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving more.

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