10 Ways to Make Homemade Bread Taste Better

Hey there, bread lovers! Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a warm, homemade loaf of bread.

But sometimes, it can lack that extra oomph of flavor. Well, fret not my friends, because I’ve got 10 amazing ways to take your homemade bread from good to absolutely mouthwatering.

With a sprinkle of herbs, a dash of spices, and a whole lot of creativity, you’ll be savoring every single bite.

So, let’s dive into these tasty tips and elevate your bread game to a whole new level!

Homemade Bread

Enhance the Flavor With Herbs and Spices

To enhance the flavor of your homemade bread, you can try adding herbs and spices. I love experimenting with different combinations to create unique and delicious flavors in my bread.

One of my favorite combinations is rosemary and garlic. The aroma alone is enough to make your mouth water. I simply chop up fresh rosemary and garlic, then mix it into the dough before letting it rise. The result is a bread that is bursting with savory flavors.

Another great option is adding cinnamon and nutmeg to your dough for a warm and comforting taste. These spices pair perfectly with sweet breads like banana or pumpkin.

Adding herbs and spices is a simple way to elevate the taste of your homemade bread and make it truly memorable.

Experiment With Different Flour Types

Experimenting with different flour types can truly elevate the flavor of your homemade bread. I’ve always been a fan of using all-purpose flour, but recently I decided to branch out and try some alternative options.

I started with whole wheat flour, which added a nutty and earthy taste to my bread. Next, I experimented with rye flour, and it gave my bread a rich and slightly tangy flavor. Then, I tried using spelt flour, which resulted in a bread that had a subtle sweetness and a unique texture.

Lastly, I gave oat flour a shot, and it added a hearty and wholesome taste to my bread. Overall, I’ve discovered that different flour types can truly transform the flavor of homemade bread, making each loaf a delicious and exciting experience.

Add Nuts, Seeds, or Dried Fruits for Texture

You can enhance the texture of your bread by incorporating a variety of nuts, seeds, or dried fruits. Adding these ingredients not only adds a delightful crunch but also infuses your bread with a burst of flavor.

Personally, I love using chopped walnuts and flaxseeds in my bread. The walnuts provide a rich, nutty taste, while the flaxseeds add a subtle nuttiness and a slight crunch. Sometimes I also like to add dried cranberries or raisins for a touch of sweetness and chewiness.

These additions not only make the bread more interesting and delicious but also provide added nutritional value. So go ahead and get creative with your bread recipes by incorporating nuts, seeds, or dried fruits – your taste buds will thank you!

Incorporate Cheese or Garlic for a Savory Twist

Incorporating cheese or garlic into your bread recipe gives it a savory twist that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

There’s something irresistible about the combination of warm, freshly baked bread and the rich, tangy flavor of cheese or the aromatic punch of garlic.

When I add cheese to my bread dough, it melts and creates pockets of gooey goodness throughout the loaf. Whether it’s cheddar, mozzarella, or even blue cheese, the result is a bread that is bursting with savory flavor.

And let’s not forget about garlic! Just a few cloves of minced garlic can transform a plain bread recipe into something extraordinary. The fragrance fills the kitchen as it bakes, and the taste is simply divine.

So go ahead, get creative with your bread recipes and add some cheese or garlic for that extra savory kick!

Use a Sourdough Starter for Depth of Flavor

Using a sourdough starter in your bread recipe adds a depth of flavor that is hard to resist. There’s nothing quite like the tanginess and complexity that a sourdough starter brings to the table. It’s like a flavor explosion in every bite.

The natural fermentation process of the starter gives the bread a unique taste that you won’t find in regular yeast-based breads. Plus, the longer fermentation time allows the dough to develop a richer and more complex flavor profile.

Whether it’s a classic sourdough loaf or adding a bit of the starter to your favorite bread recipe, using sourdough is a surefire way to take your homemade bread to the next level. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

Brush the Crust With Butter or Olive Oil

Brushing the crust with butter or olive oil gives it a golden brown color and adds a delicious richness to each bite. When I bake homemade bread, I always make sure to brush the crust with either butter or olive oil before putting it in the oven. This simple step makes a world of difference in the taste and appearance of the bread.

As the bread bakes, the crust becomes beautifully browned and develops a slightly crispy texture. The butter or olive oil helps to lock in moisture, resulting in a soft and tender interior. Plus, the added fat enhances the flavor, giving the bread a subtle richness that is absolutely irresistible.

Sprinkle Coarse Salt or Everything Bagel Seasoning on Top

When baking homemade bread, don’t forget to sprinkle coarse salt or everything bagel seasoning on top for an extra burst of flavor. Trust me, it makes a world of difference.

The coarse salt adds a delightful crunch and enhances the overall taste of the bread. It balances out the sweetness of the dough and adds a subtle savory note that complements any type of bread, whether it’s a crusty French baguette or a soft and fluffy brioche.

As for the everything bagel seasoning, it’s like a party for your taste buds. The combination of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and salt creates a flavor explosion that takes your homemade bread to a whole new level.

Toast or Grill the Bread for a Crispy Exterior

To achieve a crispy exterior, toast or grill the bread after it has been baked. I’ve found that this simple step can take homemade bread to a whole new level of deliciousness.

After baking the bread, I like to slice it into thick slices and pop them into the toaster or onto a hot grill. The heat helps to crisp up the outer layer of the bread, giving it a satisfying crunch when you take a bite.

Not only does this add a delightful texture to the bread, but it also enhances the overall flavor. The toasting or grilling process brings out the natural sweetness of the bread and adds a subtle smoky taste that is incredibly enticing.

Infuse the Dough With Beer, Wine, or Fruit Juice

One way to enhance the flavor of your homemade bread is by infusing the dough with beer, wine, or fruit juice. Adding these ingredients not only imparts a unique taste but also adds moisture and depth to the final product.

I love experimenting with different flavors, like using a dark beer for a rich and malty undertone or a fruity wine for a subtle sweetness. The alcohol also helps to activate the yeast, resulting in a light and fluffy texture.

When using fruit juice, like orange or apple, the bread takes on a tangy and refreshing essence.

So next time you’re baking bread, don’t be afraid to get creative and give your dough a flavorful boost with a splash of beer, wine, or fruit juice.

Serve With Flavored Butter or Homemade Jam

You can enhance the flavor of your freshly baked bread even more by serving it with a dollop of flavored butter or a spoonful of homemade jam.

The combination of warm, crusty bread with a creamy, savory butter or a sweet, tangy jam is simply irresistible.

Personally, I love to make my own flavored butters by mixing in herbs, spices, or even roasted garlic. It adds a depth of flavor that takes the bread to a whole new level.

And when it comes to homemade jam, the possibilities are endless. From classic strawberry to exotic mango or even spicy jalapeno, there’s a jam for every taste.

So next time you bake bread, don’t forget to top it off with a delicious spread. It’s the ultimate finishing touch.


After experimenting with different techniques to enhance the flavor of homemade bread, I’m convinced that there are countless ways to make it taste better.

From adding herbs and spices to incorporating cheese or garlic, the options are endless.

By toasting or grilling the bread, a crispy exterior is achieved, adding a delightful texture.

And why not serve it with flavored butter or homemade jam for an extra burst of flavor?

So, why settle for ordinary bread when you can elevate it to extraordinary heights?

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